Current research on forest nursery management and afforestation
in the Forest Research Station at Opocno

Research activities in forest nursery management in 90th were oriented on optimization of quality of planting material for localities influenced by anthropogenic stress. From the wide range of knowledge, it is apparent that the optimum for growing mountainous Norway spruce is in nurseries located in elevation 500 - 700 m above sea level. Planting material from the nursery located 1000 m above sea level did not achieved the parameters typical for plants from nurseries from lower elevation.
The next important conclusion is, that in the nursery initially slower growing seedlings of Norway spruce originated from 8th spruce vegetation zone grow well after planting in mountain conditions.
In last decade, new techniques were elaborated for growing cuttings of beech and oak in forest nurseries. Now, the growth of cuttings has been investigated after planting on clear-cut and no difference between plants and cuttings was fond.
At present, the reasons of atypical growth of Scots pine seedlings in nurseries and after planting are intensively investigated and attention is paid to using of plants from so called greenhouse technologies which exhibit some root deformations after planting in more extreme growing conditions. The results of the nursery and reforestation research is used in the expertise and consultant service for private owners and other forest institutions. For the control of morphologic and physiologic quality of planting material, the specialised laboratory was established.