Accredited laboratory "Forest Nursery Control"

Accredited laboratory "Forest nursery control" ensures the assessment of morphological and physiological quality of forest nursery planting stock as advisory service for forest owners and as a part of control work of state administration. The laboratory evaluates planting quality after the technical standard CSN 48 2115 Reproductive material of forest trees. The activity is ensured by workers of the section Nursery management and afforestation.


Ing. Jarmila NŠrovcovŠ, Ph.D. (chief of the laboratory)
Phone: +420 494 668 392 #126
Ing. Jan Leugner, Ph.D. (quality manager)
Phone: +420 494 668 392 #144

Library services

We are engaged in providing information services concerning silviculture and closely related disciplines (forest soils, forest hydrology, meteorology and climatology, environment). Common Czech bibliographic sources are available here as well as some special internal databases that cover all aspects of silviculture.

We provide library services primarily to in-house staff. However, anyone who is interested in Czech and Central European silviculture issues can contact us and ask for bibliographic searches.

Information sources:

  • library catalogue
  • our own database Silviculture
  • Elektronnyj Referativnyj ěurnal, section Lesovedenije i lesovodstvo (1990 - 2003)
  • Literatur-Datenbank ÷koWald - ÷koLand/Naturschutz - ÷koBoden - ÷koStadt - Waldbau


Mgr. Jitka Souckova
Phone: +420 494 668 392 #131

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